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First, I would like to start off and thank everyone for their continued support. My friends, family and clients are why . When you become a client you not only start personal training or classes but become part of the Dewildechild Fam as well!


Remember to Be Fierce! Be Original and Be YOU! Dewildechild Fam we are in this together and you are never alone! 


"Pushes you to do what you can and very accommodating to your specific needs. I highly recommend rachel if your looking for a personal trainer or even sessions"

Chantal Simard 




"My fitness level has increased so much since starting Mon/Thurs classes back in March!

The classes are always different which keeps things interesting - there are always modifications for moves, and Rachel really personalizes every workout, even when leading a class! It's so worth it to get a great workout and to have fun!"

Trish Carnahan


"Rachel is an amazing trainer who makes everyone in her classes feel welcome and included. The workouts are fun and challenging. I always look forward to her classes and I always come away feeling like I've had a great workout while in the company of friends. She really knows her stuff and can train you on a variety of different things."


"Dewildechild fitness is fantastic! Rachel is very patient at teaching you the right techniques. She is great at modifying moves for your specific needs and always has new surprise workout moves such as the gorilla stomps with the TRX. I love the fun atmosphere she provides and she is always willing to push you just a little further than your last session!"

Kayla Romyn


"I've had 3 workouts with Rachel this week and i'm very impressed. She makes it fun and geared towards your fitness level. She gave me the extra push to start my weight loss journey and to improve my health. If you are looking for a personal trainer I would definitely recommend her :) "

Becky Turner


Professional personal training at a reasonable cost. No additional fees or hidden agendas. The workout is tailored for your needs and ability.

Rachel cares about her clients and is excited to see your progress. I love the flexibility of doing online sessions! I've tried other gyms and programs and this is the first time I've seen the changes so quickly. I went from gaining weight to losing weight immediately after my first session. I love working out with Rachel because the hour flies because we are having so much fun!

-Janet Schmidt


Amazing!! I used to dread going to the gym, but Rachel is so much fun that I actually look forward to our sessions. And she knows how to push you and motivate you 💪🏽Strongly recommend!

-Gabriela Nuñez

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