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In 2016 I was working in the corporate world at a desk job that I was not enjoying. I became a member at a local boxing club and started working with a personal trainer. Very quickly I realized how passionate I was about boxing and training in general. This shouldn’t have surprised me, as I have always been an athletic person playing competitive sports most of my adolescent life. A month or two into my own training I took a leap of faith, quit my corporate job, and took a position as an intern while I worked towards getting my credentials to become a full-time personal trainer. After 6 months of working as a personal trainer it was obvious to everyone around me how much I loved helping people and watching them progress as we worked hard every week. I felt so much pride and excitement as my clients started seeing results towards reaching their goals. For those of you who know me, or will get to know me, you will quickly learn I don’t do things halfway or at a slow pace. I reached out to a friend who is a talented artist and asked her to design a logo for me and Dewildechild was born.

Dewildechild originally became a persona for me as a trainer with my cheetah representing the fierce side of myself that I wanted to show the world. As I continued to work it started to become apparent through many consultations with people that there was a strong desire to get healthy but so many couldn’t afford it. This is how Dewildechild Fitness became a reality for me. I wanted to offer a space where I could work within peoples budgets to ensure that money was NOT the thing holding people back from living their best life. With the help of my fiance, I turned our home basement into a private studio and left the position I had previously been working. I then ventured out on my own into the business world with hopes of helping as many people achieve a happy and healthy lifestyle while reaching their goals.

I offer personal and small group training in a private studio in Kitchener, Ontario as well as virtual classes from your own living room. In addition I host sunday morning classes out of Return of the Dragon Martial arts located in Kitchener, Ontario. I look forward to hearing from you. Together we can help make your goals a reality!


Rachel De Wilde 

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